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Teaching and Learning

Inspire Empower Engage Thrive
  1. Complete/Implement the current K-5 adoption process for new curricula in Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Spanish Language Arts (SLA) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) across all grade levels.
  2. Create a new district-wide curriculum development model and adoption/revision cycle, that may include but is not limited to increased rigor; high expectations; relevancy; staff input; student voice; alignment with State assessments; equitable access to underserved populations; critical thinking strategies; innovative and research-based practices that lead to yearly student achievement growth
3. Create a new 3-year Professional development plan designed to support strategies that include but are not limited to: increasing student achievement, increasing rigor and high-quality instruction, raising expectations, cultural competency and social-emotional health for students and staff. 4. Invest in diversity, including but not limited to curriculum, course access, student life, student voice, second-language challenges and homeschool partnerships. 5. Review current programs that provide college, career pathways to post-secondary success; develop a plan to enhance and enrich those real-life opportunities with a targeted focus on providing experiences at earlier ages; seeking and respecting student voice; establishing stronger connections with colleges; increasing work and internship opportunities; reaching out to RL alumni and creating a means to monitor success after high school.