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Parent, Community and School Partnerships

Inspire Empower Engage Thrive
1. Secure feedback from students, parents, teachers and administrators to: fully explore the various reasons for rising rates of absenteeism, research best practices in the field and make recommendations for improvement. 2. Continue to utilize a wide variety of effective communication vehicles for both internal and external communications; look for opportunities to enhance. 3. Create and implement a plan that increases genuine engagement of parents and community members in ensuring the success of each student; the plan may include but is not limited to surveys and focus groups to gather input, decreasing barriers to engagement; increasing options for communication; respect for cultural differences and greater district outreach. 4. Enhance public perception of the district within the community and beyond by implementing proactive and effective communications strategies, fostering transparent dialogues, developing positive marketing, showcasing achievements, and actively engaging with stakeholders (including area realtors) to continue to expand and build trusting relationships.