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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan Process

Our new Strategic Plan was created during five after-school sessions over a few months in the winter of the 2023-2024 school year. We assembled a group of 39 people made up of members of our school board, administration team, union executive leadership, staff, students, parents and community members.

At the heart of this process was our mission: To inspire and empower students to construct a thriving future. We achieve this mission by upholding our core values and beliefs. That:

  • Decisions are made in the best interests of learners, in a financially responsible manner
  • We cultivate trusting relationships built on effective communication and collaboration
  • Engagement with families and community is valued and promoted
  • Diversity is a valued asset that enriches the entire community
  • High quality learning experiences meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of all

How do we create an RLAS-116 Graduate? 

At RLAS-116 schools, we create students who:

  • Inspire
  • Empower
  • Engage
  • Thrive

How do we define a Portrait of a Graduate?


  • Inquisitive: Shows curiosity and a strong desire to learn
  • Visionary: Seeks a successful future and demonstrates innovative ideas and strategies


  • Resilient: Maintains motivation, focus, and productivity, and finds success despite setbacks
  • Emotionally Intelligent: Actively acknowledges and regulates one’s feelings, displays empathy, and resolves conflicts effectively


  • Embrace Diversity: Celebrates the richness of human identities, creates an inclusive environment where people feel valued and appreciated, and actively promotes understanding, empathy, and collaboration across diverse groups
  • Effective Communicator: Possesses strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills, actively listens to understand, adapts techniques to suit the situation, and allows others to express ideas and emotions


  • Independent: Navigates life effectively while being able to set and achieve goals, solves problems, and adapts to changing circumstances with reflection and resourcefulness
  • Critical Thinker: Questions assumptions, analyzes evidence, and considers multiple perspectives with an open mind, in order to arrive at reasoned decisions

How do we reach these goals?

We have identified five focus areas with specific plans to reach each marker of success. These areas are: