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RLHS Student, Ceason Mitchell, Recognized at 10th District Congressional Art Show

Last Saturday was the 10th District Congressional Art Show hosted by CLC in their Gallery and presented by Congressman Brad Schneider. 

Photo 2 student Ceason Mitchell's work was selected for the show entitled "Always Watching" which fit the theme "Liberty and Justice for All"!

In her piece, Ceason demonstrated her knowledge of using a high ISO in a low light situation to add grain to the image. She also used her knowledge of composition in framing a subject and backlighting an outdoor subject. She demonstrated the use of a small aperture to gain a deep depth of field to focus on both figures in the scene. 

Mrs. Varela and Ceason have had frequent discussions about social media and the idea of creators and consumers being monitored and watched.  Ceason was able to relate her fear of being watched in this beautiful piece. 

"I'm very proud of her and this highly conceptual and technical piece for a 10th-grade student. She wasn't able to make it to the show because she just started a new job on Saturday but I was able to talk to Brad about her work and her new job and he encouraged all the participants in his speech to go pick up food from the establishment she was working at after the show! " - Mrs. Heidi Varela, CTE-Digital Graphics Arts teacher, RLHS

Picture of Ceason holding her certificate















Picture of Ceason holding her winning photograph

Image of Ceason's winning photograph

Image of all winners with Congressman Brad Schneider