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RLAS-116 Recipient of Property Tax Relief Grant

RLAS-116 is pleased to announce the award of the Property Tax Relief Grant in January 2020 - this is excellent news for homeowners living within RLAS-116 boundaries!

This grant was awarded over a two-year period (2019-2020 & 2020-2021), totaling $6.7 million, or $3.3 million each year.

What does this mean for RLAS-116 tax payers? Property tax payers living within the RLAS-116 boundaries will receive a total credit of approximately $406 based on an average home value of $100,000. This tax credit does not include any other credits that the homeowner may be eligible for and receive on their tax bill.

Due to the tax bill structure, this abatement is not itemized on the homeowner’s tax bill. However, homeowners may go to the Lake County Tax Assessor website: and search “Bond Abatements” to see the corresponding bond abatements. RLAS-116 bond abatements begin on page 138.

Any questions about this exciting news for RLAS-116 homeowners may be directed to Dr. Pam Kibbons, Assistant Superintendent of Business,

**Homeowners don’t need to do anything to receive this credit. It is automatically applied.