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**NEW** Homecoming Parade, Ribbon Cutting, and Game Date Changes!

Our athletic fields have come a long way in the last few weeks.  With the weather finally cooperating, we have made a ton of progress in finishing this long-awaited project.  Please check out the RLHS Athletic Field Updates page to see new photos and review the updates so far.
Homecoming is a special event for Round Lake High School every year.  We want everything to be ready for this exciting annual event.  We had an original date of September 21 for our Homecoming game. However, we are changing the dates for these events to October 12 - 19 to ensure we can finish the fields and have everything ready for everyone to enjoy the parade, ribbon cutting and game day.
We are so excited for everyone to see the beautiful fields for our students, families, and community to enjoy.
Homecoming Events:
  • Saturday, October 12: Homecoming Parade
  • Friday, October 18: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Homecoming Football Game
  • Saturday, October 19: Homecoming Dance
  • More details coming soon