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Parent Booster Groups

Booster Clubs

There are many ways to get involved in schools.  The links below will take you to the Fine Arts Boosters and the Athletics Boosters websites! Both clubs foster supporting students in the activities they love most.  Click the links below and get involved today!

Fine Arts Boosters

IMages of Fine arts boosters

The Round Lake Area Schools Fine Arts Boosters support students that participate in music, theater, and color guard.  This group of parents works with the Fine Arts directors in determining what the programs need to help students be successful. 

You can learn more about the Round Lake Area School Fine Arts Boosters by visiting their website.

Athletics Boosters

Images of athletics

The Round Lake High School Athletic Boosters are a group of volunteers that work together to help keep the cost of athletics low for all athletes. They support the sports teams and coaches by organizing events and fundraisers to provide additional equipment for the sports that our students love.

You can learn more about the Round Lake High School Athletics Boosters by visiting their website.