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Curriculum, Instruction, and Programming

Driver Education

Students taking Driver’s Education have the opportunity to earn their driver’s license before they turn 18 by taking Behind the Wheel.  Behind the Wheel provides additional driving instruction and experience for students.  The class requires a total of 12 hours driving divided into six hours of driving and six hours of observation.  Behind the Wheel is offered quarterly.

To be eligible for Behind the Wheel, RLHS students must have passed Driver’s Education, and they must have received a driver’s education permit. The cost for behind the wheel is $250.00. Families receiving a fee waiver can request to waive the $250.00 fee.  In addition, all students must have a $0.00 balance on their account in order to sign-up for Behind the Wheel; this requirement may not be waived.  Students may choose to take Behind the Wheel privately.