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6.50 - Cafeteria Rules

Lunch Guidelines and Cafeteria Rules

Listed below are general guidelines and rules that apply to the entire District. Directions to additional information, specific to a particular building or grade level may also be indicated.  

Lunch Guidelines
Students may not leave campus during lunch, except with permission granted by administration or authorized staff. During lunch, students must proceed directly to the cafeteria or designated lunch area, and, after getting their lunch, shall immediately sit in a chair at a table.  Students shall remain seated until the lunch tone rings, at which point they shall clean the area in which they are seated, dispose of any trash in the appropriate receptacle, and exit the cafeteria to their assigned location.  Students shall follow all cafeteria rules during lunch.

Misbehavior will result in disciplinary action according to the school’s disciplinary procedures.

Cafeteria Rules

  • Students shall walk to lunch in an orderly fashion.
  • Loud talking, yelling, screaming, and other disruptions are prohibited.
  • Students shall not throw food, drinks, milk cartons or other items.
  • Trays shall be stacked neatly after use. Styrofoam (disposable) trays should be placed in approriate recepticle (garbage/recycling).
  • Students shall not trade food.
  • Students shall not save places in line, cut in line, or otherwise cheat or intimidate their way into line for food service.
  • Students shall remain seated while in the cafeteria except to return to the lunch line, return trays or throw away garbage.
  • Students shall not leave the cafeteria until the after the appropriate tone rings, or otherwise directed by staff.
  • Students shall follow the instructions of the cafeteria aides and other staff and show proper respect toward all cafeteria personnel.
  • Students shall immediately become silent when staff or presenters make announcements in the cafeteria.
  • Students shall report spills and broken containers to cafeteria staff immediately.
  • Students should not take food from the cafeteria to classrooms, hallways or other areas of the building without prior permission.
  • Students should only be in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period, when assigned to the cafeteria for class and/or study hall or during designated times.

Additional Information - Round Lake High School
Information regarding food deliveries and the off-campus lunch program can be found on the Round Lake High School Student Services website.