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6.20 - School Dress Code

Round Lake Area Schools #116 Dress Code Philosophy
The dress code at Round Lake Area Schools #116 has been established to ensure that all students are able to attend in a manner that is equitable and supports their dignity and individual value.  This dress code is intended to ensure that no student is marginalized or discriminated against based on their racial or cultural identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or body type.  This dress code is designed to 

  • Support students in their ability to express themselves and their identity through their clothing choices.

  • Support the development of students as they prepare for a thriving future.

  • Create an environment conducive to learning.

Section 1: Basic Overview:
Clothes must be worn in a manner that fully covers all areas of the body between the armpits and the mid-thigh.  This means that all skin, genitals, buttocks, nipples, and undergarments within the identified area of the body are fully covered with opaque or solid fabric.  Additionally, all outfits must include straps that connect the front to the back and go over the shoulders.  See Image below.  ** It is important to note that some courses or specific instructional activities may have additional requirements, these will be communicated by the instructor.


Dress Code Visual


Section 2: Student Must Wear
While following the guidance provided in Section 1, students must wear the following on a daily basis.

  • A Shirt (with fabric that fully covers the areas identified in Section 1) 

  • Pants/Shorts/Skirt or an equivalent garment that covers the areas identified in Section 1

  • A one piece garment that satisfies the requirements of a shirt and pants/short/skirt may be worn in place of those two items.(ie. Dresses, jumper, coveralls)

  • Shoes with a sole

Section 3: Students May Wear: 
While following the guidance in Section 1, students are permitted to wear the following items.

  • Headwear that does not obscure the face or ears.

  • Religious headwear

  • Hoodie sweatshirts (hoods should be worn in their natural state, not cinched tight.)

  • Fitted clothing

  • Clothing with rips, provided that the rips do not violate Section 1

  • Pajama pants

  • Athletic attire

Section 4: Students May Not Wear: 

  • Attire that has violent images or language.

  • Attire that includes images or language depicting or suggesting drugs, alcohol, vaping, or related paraphernalia.

  • Attire that includes images or language depicting or promoting illegal activity.

  • Attire that includes images or language that is hate speech or derogatory.

  • Attire that includes images or language that is lewd, profane, or pornographic.

  • Attire that is deemed to be a representation of gang affiliation may be restricted by building administration.

  • Any clothing that reveals undergarments.

  • Accessories that could be used as a weapon or considered dangerous.

  • Any item that obscures that face or ears (with the exception of religious observance or personal protective equipment (PPE) when appropriate)

  • Footwear with a soft bottom (example slippers)

Section 5: Dress Code Enforcement
Round Lake Area Schools Dist. #116 is first and foremost an educational institution.  As such, interactions between school personnel and students believed to be in violation of the dress code should be conducted in a manner to educate the student, not in an attempt to demean or shame them.  School personnel should address potential dress code violations in accordance with the guidance below.

  • Students should always be treated with respect and dignity.  No student should be affected by dress code enforcement due to racial or cultural identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, or body size/type.

  • Students will be given the opportunity to change their clothing, or call a parent/guardian for alternate clothing.  However, students will not be required to change their clothing unless the dress code violation is deemed egregious or dangerous by administration.   ** Students with repeated violations will be treated with progressive discipline and will be required to change.

  • Repeated incidences of dress code violations will follow a progressive discipline model.

These dress code guidelines are considered to be in effect during all school days, summer school days, and school activities.  Athletic uniforms will be determined by the safety and competitive standards of the individual sport, but may not be appropriate to wear during the school day.

Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit District 116 Policy 7:160, Student Appearance