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5.60 - Head Lice


CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] > Head Lice

Head Lice (pediculosis) is an ongoing problem throughout the United States. Although not a serious medical condition, it can cause an interruption in children's education; therefore, the school requires the following:

  1. Parent/Guardian will be contacted if their child is suspected of having a lice infestation.
  2. Siblings and close contacts will be inspected. 
  3. Any child found to have live adult lice in their hair will be referred for same day treatment.
  4. Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to notify their child's close contacts regarding the possibility of head lice transmission.
  5. Nurse will provide parent/guardian with evidence based guidelines and information regarding the elimination of head lice.
  6. On return to school, the nurse will inspect the child's head for lice and will advise if follow-up is needed.