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12.20 - Standardized Testing

Students and parents/guardians should be aware that the State and District require students to take certain standardized tests throughout the year, please view the 2022-2023 Assessment Calendar for a full list of assessments.  District assessments, such as MAP testing, are used to measure student growth and programming effectiveness.  State-mandated assessments, such as SAT and IAR, are used to measure student performance for school accountability.  Each assessment is a unique measure, therefore it may take students differing amounts of time to complete each assessment.  On the assessment calendar, we have included the average time that it takes for a student to complete the assessment so parents know approximately what to expect on each assessment.  Similarly, the time it takes students to receive results of these assessments vary. An assessment such as MAP provides instant results to students, whereas AP testing does not provide results for nearly 2 months.  Whenever possible, students are made aware of when and where they may view their assessment results.    

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to cooperate in preparing students for the standardized testing, because the quality of the education the school can provide is partially dependent upon the school’s ability to continue to prove its success in the state’s standardized tests.  Parents/Guardians can assist their students to achieve their best performance by doing the following:

  1. Encourage students to work hard and study throughout the year;
  2. Ensure students get a good night’s sleep the night before exams;
  3. Ensure students eat well the morning of the exam, particularly ensuring they eat sufficient protein;
  4. Remind and emphasize to students the importance of good performance on standardized testing;
  5. Ensure students are on time and prepared for tests, with appropriate materials;
  6. Teach students the importance of honesty and ethics during the performance of these and other tests; 
  7. Encourage students to relax on testing day. 

Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit School District 116 Policy 6:340, Student Testing and Assessment Program