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10.30 - Exemption From PE Requirements

A student who is eligible for special education may be excused from physical education courses in either of the following situations:

1. He or she (a) is in grades K-12, (b) his or her IEP requires that special education support and services be provided during physical education time, and (c) the parent/guardian agrees or the IEP team makes the determination; or

2. He or she (a) has an IEP, (b) is participating in an adaptive athletic program outside of the school setting, and (c) the parent/guardian documents the student’s participation as required by the Superintendent or design

A student requiring adapted physical education will receive that service in accordance with the student’s Individualized Education Program.

In addition, a pupil in any of grades K through 12 who is eligible for special education may be excused if the individualized education program team for the pupil determines that the pupil must utilize the time set aside for physical education to receive special education support and services, which must be made a part of the individualized education program.

Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit District 116 Policy 6:310, Credit for Alternative Courses and Programs, and Course Substitutions