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1.120 - Students with Food Allergies


ISBE [Illinois State Board of Education] > Nutrition > School Nutrition Programs > Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs

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State law requires our school district to annually inform parents of students with life-threatening allergies or life-threatening chronic illnesses of the applicable provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other applicable federal statutes, state statutes, federal regulations and state rules.

If your student has a life-threatening allergy or life-threatening chronic illness, please notify the school nurse and building principal.

School attendance may increase a student's risk of exposure to allergens that could trigger a food-allergic reaction. While it is not possible for the District to completely eliminate the risks of exposure to allergens when a student is at school, a Food Allergy Management Plan using a cooperative effort among students' families, staff members, and students helps the District reduce these risks and provide accommodations and proper treatment for allergic reactions.

Federal law protects students from discrimination due to a disability that substantially limits a major life activity. If your student has a qualifying disability, an individualized Section 504 Plan will be developed and implemented to provide the needed supports so that your student can access his or her education as effectively as students without disabilities.

Not all students with life-threatening allergies and life-threatening chronic illnesses may be eligible under Section 504. Our school district also may be able to appropriately meet a student's needs through other means. 

Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit District 116 Policy 7:285, Food Allergy Management Program