Current Guest Teacher Resources

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    Assignment Expectations

    As a daily guest teacher you will be paid per day and are expected to work during the time you are in our buildings. Please keep in mind that some assignments have prep periods or breaks built into the schedule for teacher lesson planning. During these breaks there will be no students in the classroom. If you sign up for a class that contains these type of breaks, keep in mind that if needed, it is acceptable for secretaries to ask you to cover another class until your assignment resumes to have students in class. You will always be allowed a lunch break. 


    Cancelling an Assignment

    If you are cancelling an assignment within 24 hours from the scheduled start time, please report to Insight via telephone at 856-406-6015 to inform them. Insight will then notify our district of the cancellation.


    Parking Information

    Village Elementary: Village Guest Teachers may park in the lower parking lot where regular staff parks. Arrival before buses is highly encouraged.

    Pleviak Elementary: Parking for Pleviak Guest Teachers is available in the main parking lot, please park in the spots that face Walgreens. Please DO NOT park in the Bus Lane. Please enter through the Main Entrance Door Number 1. Please stop at the Main Office to sign in and get a Guest Teacher badge.

    Beach Elementary: Beach Guest Teachers may park in the visitors parking lot located in front of the building. There is plenty of parking. Arrival before buses is highly encouraged. If you leave during loading time, please turn right out of the parking lot as left turns are not permitted.

    Ellis Elementary: Ellis Guest Teachers should park in the main parking lot and enter through the main office. Please stop at the Main Office to sign in. You will get a welcome folder and a badge.

    Indian Hill Elementary: Indian Hill Guest Teachers may park in the building’s south staff parking lot if space is available.  Please do not park in the bus lane/visitor parking area. If the south lot is full Guest Teachers may park behind the building and can buzz the office to be admitted through door 15.

    Magee Middle School: Magee Guest Teachers may park in the Staff parking lot located in the back of the building. Please come in through Activity Door number 8 and report to the main office to sign in.

    Murphy Middle School: Murphy Guest Teachers can park anywhere in Murphy’s parking lot. 

    Round Lake Middle School: Guest Teachers can park in the staff lot, located on the North side of the building, or in the back lot. If parking in the back lot, please enter through Door 18 (there is a bell) and go to the main office. Please do not park in front of the building, as this is visitor parking.

    Round Lake High School: Guest Teachers should park in the Visitors or Staff parking lots. The parking lot located in the back of the building is designated for students only.


    Inclement Weather Notifications

    During inclement weather, or in cases of emergency, the district may decide to schedule a late-start or close the schools for the day. In these instances, Insight will inform you of any schedule changes. However, Guest Teachers can also check the district's homepage online at Our homepage is updated in real-time so you will always have the most current and up-to-date information. A notification on our district website would look like this:


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