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  • Prerequisite: A minimum of 4.0 credits earned prior to taking Driver’s Education. No more than 30 unexcused absences during the two semesters prior to taking Drivers Education.  Prior to taking Behind-the-Wheel,  all fees must be paid.


    $20 for permit & $250 for Behind-the-Wheel


    This course is a two-part program:

    Classroom Instruction (.25 credit) & Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (.25 credit) 

    Classroom Instruction focuses on the basic rules of the road and strives to develop proper knowledge and understanding of how people analyze and handle various types of driving situations. Behind-the-Wheel Instruction is the in-car practices; students are allowed to drive and operate physical control of the automobile.


    Parent Teen Driving Guide



    Rules of the Road 



    Permit Status Check


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