basket of apples with text Good Bunch 116
  • We have some amazing students in our District.  These kids are bright, kind, funny, and inspiring.  We wanted to give them a shout out, so we started the #GoodBunch116 program.  We asked our school principals to collaborate with their staff to pick one student that exemplifies kindness, leadership, community, and school values. 


    We are so proud to present our #GoodBunch116 students!

2019 - 2020 Third Quarter #GoodBunch116

  • Image of Matthew

    Matthew E.

    Kindergarten at Pleviak

    Matthew is extremely kind, helpful, and selfless. He loves coming to school and greets everyone he encounters with a huge, warm smile. Everyday he goes above and beyond our school's expectations to assist myself and his peers any way he can. He is an excellent role model and friend!

  • Image of Aranza

    Aranza G

    Beach Elementary School

    Aranca is extremely helpful and supportive to not only the teacher but other students as well. She is a role model, demonstrates leadership skills and loves to be in school.

  • Image of Lucy

    Lucy S.

    Ellis Elementary School

    Lucy S is a third-grade student in Mrs. Starosto’s class.  She has earned many special Rocky Raffle tickets from her teachers at Ellis for always being kind and helping other students!  Lucy started coming to Ellis school last year.  We are happy she is at Ellis because she is such a good role model for her peers.  She thinks Ellis is a big school and there are a lot of nice people here.  Her favorite subjects are math and writing and she is thinking she may want to be a teacher or a doctor someday!

  • Image of Sapphire

    Sapphire O.

    Indian Hill Elementary School

    Sapphire is a 5th grader on our safety patrol who is extremely helpful to our younger students.  She sets a good example in our building and tries to make sure Indian Hill is a great place.

  • Image of Aaron

    Aaron F.

    Murphy Elementary School

    Aaron, a 2nd grader in Ms. Ramirez's class is a great example of a student with a growth mindset.  Aaron sets a wonderful example to his fellow classmates.  He is polite, respectful and a good friend!

  • Mayte

    Mayte G

    Village Elementary School

    Mayte was selected because she is always nice to her friends, helps out anyone in need, takes her schoolwork seriously, and is always safe, responsible, and respectful! We love AMAZING kids like Mayte at Village!

  • Somos Students

    RLMS Somos Students

    Round Lake Middle School

     Mr. Higgs would like to nominate the RLMS SOMOS students for their spirit and drive.  SOMOS students participate in many different events that help build their leadership skills through planning and execution of school events and traditions.  These students exemplify Wildcat pride in their dedication to their fellow students, culture, and RLMS!


    Our SOMOS Students:

    Landon Agaton, Aaron Aguilar, Ximena Alcaraz, Yarazed Alcauter, Vanessa Alvarez, Kassandra Ambriz, Maria Arellano, Ximena Arias, Sebastion Armenta, Michael Arteaga, Alexander Bahena, David Baquera, Christine Bearden, Jocelyn Bermudez, Dejannae Billups, Dulce Bolanos, Ruby Cezares, Alexandra Colin, Daisy Contreras, Jade Cordova, Monica Corona, Evelyn Cruz, Edgar Escrebano, Belinda Gamboa, Daisy Garcia, Kayle Garcia, Miguel Garcia, America Garza, Lelani Glover, Ashley Gomez, Luie Gomez, Sofia Gomez, Jocelyn Gonzalez, Kevin Hernandez, Yadhira Herrera, Kaylee Hoppenrath, Jocelyn Huerta, Rafael Huerta, Camila Jimenez, Alexa Lopez, Aylin Lopez, Giovanni Lupo, Magaly Marquez, Susset Martinez, Rafael Munoz, Diana Oloarte, Eisani Perez, Jacqueline Perez, Rodrigo Perez, Julian Quinones, Angie Ramirez, Jeremy Ramirez, Stephanie Ramirez, Vanessa Razo, Nathaly Resendiz, Kayla Reyes, Dayanara Rios, Katherine Rios, April Rodgriguez, Jennifer Ruiz, Cynthia Salazar, Claudia Salcedo, Miryam Salcedo, Jennifer Salcedo, Daniela Sanroman, Emilio Silva, Paulina Tellez, Giovanna Tinajero, Victor Tinajero, Zeus Toledano, Joana Trinidad, Angeles Uribe, Estrella Vergara, Melanie Villalobos, Ricardo Villanuevo, Jimena Zarate, Osvaldo Zarate

  • Image of EL

    Edgar L.

    John T. Magee Middle School

    Edgar has proven to be an awesome student and teammate. Edgar is not only a leader on the wrestling mat, but more importantly, he is also an outstanding leader in life. He leads not with his voice but with his actions. He is always on-time, prepared, and does what the coaches and teachers ask him to do. His dedication to his academics and wrestling team is unmatched. He is a very caring student that is always respectful towards teachers, students, and fellow teammates. He shows kindness and concern for others whenever the opportunity presents itself. Edgar is most deserving of this award.

  • Image of Oswin

    Oswin Basurto (Oz)

    Round Lake High School

    Oswin Basurto (Oz).  Oz is a fantastic student that always takes responsibility for his work in our Math 2 class.  You can always catch him asking his fellow classmates for clarification or sharing his way to do a problem.  He contributes to the class discussion and really wants to learn the new material I present each and every day.  It is very refreshing to have him in class because of his desire to succeed.

2019 - 2020 Second Quarter #GoodBunch116

  • Photo of Kataleia Kataleia S

    Kindergarten at Pleviak

    Kataleia is a wonderful example to her classmates. She is polite and kind to both fellow students and adults. She is always a good listener and puts forth her best effort in everything she does. She has worked so hard this year and has already made HUGE gains academically. I can't wait to see just how far she goes this year!

  • Image of Emely B Emely B

    Beach Elementary School

    Emely is a consistent hard worker and a model third-grade student.  Emely is always on-task, completes and checks her work, and helps others with a smile when needed.  Emely is always participating by respectfully raising her hand and working cooperatively with peers.  She makes efforts to extend her learning by going above and beyond what is expected of her.  

  • Image of Jacob K Jacob K

    Raymond Ellis Elementary School

    Ellis School is very proud of Jacob.  Mrs. Holland describes him as honest and very responsible.  Jacob says his teachers would say he is a good student!

    Jacob has been attending school at Ellis since first grade. His favorite subject is math and the best part about Ellis is seeing his friends.

    At home Jacob has a sister at RLHS and lives with his mom and dad and lots of pets, a frog named Frank, 2 monarch butterflies, a new baby cockatoo names Reko, and 2 dogs Lily and Bailey.

    Jacob is an avid fisherman.  He fishes on the Chain O'Lakes and he likes it when he catches walleye, but admits he gets a lot of catfish!  He loves his family trips to Canada! He also does Karate and will be testing for his first belt this weekend!

    In the future he hopes to be a commercial fisherman sponsored by Bass Pro!

  • Image of Annalisa Annalisa F

    Indian Hill Elementary School

    Annalisa is a leader in our building who sets an example in and out of the classroom!  She is also our Student Council Vice-President. 

  • Image of Sandra Sandra T

    Murphy Elementary School

    Sandra was selected for exhibiting gratitude!  She is an amazing student and a great example to her fellow classmates!

  • Image of Faith M Faith M.

    Village Elementary School

    Faith is a positive, helpful, and supportive friend to everyone, each and every day. She goes above and beyond to follow the rules, help her teachers, and be nice to everyone. She is always smiling and happy, and we love her for all the positivity and kindness that she spreads every day at Village!

  • Image of Tea Tea S.

    John T Magee Middle School

    Tea is an 8th grader at Magee.  She has proven to be a model student. Tea always comes to class on time, ready to learn, and with a positive attitude. She is a very caring student that has always been respectful, responsible, and safe. Tea is not only a model student but also a star softball player. She is a leader on the softball diamond and goes out of her way to assist her teammates whenever needed.

  • Image of Leo Leo C.

    Round Lake Middle School

    Leo is an outstanding Wildcat.  He exemplifies all the best qualities of being respectful, responsible and safe in his day to day interactions with peers and staff at RLMS. Not only is he a hard worker who is successful in his classes, but he is a talented musician who is very involved in all musical programs at school. We are so proud of all of Leo's accomplishments and love that we get to foster his growth as a student at RLMS!

  • Image of Alexis Alexis H.

    Round Lake High School

    I would like to nominate Alexis Hill (Junior).  This girl is amazing.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alexis for two years now (Honors Chem last year and PLTW – POE this year).  You will not find a harder worker.   She is kind and generous with her time and talents.  She volunteers to help us in our stock room in the PLTW area sorting and putting parts away.  I am so proud of this girl!

    -Mrs. Clausen

2019 - 2020 First Quarter #GoodBunch116

  • Photo of Adelyn Adelyn J.

    Kindergarten at Pleviak

    This student is observant and kind. I was wearing a brace on my arm and she asked what was wrong. After I answered her, she said, "I hope you get better soon." The next week, she noticed I wasn't wearing it and she said, "I'm glad you are better now." - Ms. Villalobos 
  • Photo of Hassiel Hassiel A.

    5th Grade, Murphy Elementary School

    Hassiel is an amazingly friendly, positive, and good natured student that is always looking for ways to help out his peers and staff. He was selected by the 5th grade team for exhibiting respectful behavior consistently during the month of August. 

  • Photo of Emiliano Emiliano T.

    1st Grade, Village Elementary School

    This is Emiliano, from Ms. Demski’s 1st-grade classroom at Village. Emiliano was chosen because he is a sweet, kind, caring, and empathetic student who always goes above and beyond to help his friends and teachers, who follows directions and rules, is safe, respectful, and responsible, and who is always excited to be in school, always smiling, and is a role model to his peers!

  • Photo of Maria Maria SR

    5th Grade, Ellis Elementary School

    Maria has attended Ellis since second grade.  She was born in Colombia, South America with her whole family.  Maria was chosen for this month because she participates in Ellis’ school peer buddies.  She is a peer buddy to a second-grade girl.  She spends time with her once a week to practice social skills, taking turns, how to be a good friend, and she takes the time to get to know her buddy and what she likes. 

    Her favorite subject is math with Mr. Hanson, and she is in the advanced math class again this year.  Her favorite thing about Ellis is the activities we do, like field days, mural painting, and the positive energy the school has.  She likes how her teachers are respectful to everyone.

    Her goal in the future is to become a surgeon or anything that involves helping others!

  • Photo of Molly Molly K. 

    5th Grade, Beach Elementary School

    Molly exhibits leadership through taking initiative and guiding peers through daily tasks and skills in all classrooms she visits. She is always willing to assist teachers and her classmates. Molly is a great role model and a positive influence over the entire student body.

  • Photo of Sophia Sophia V.

    5th Grade, Indian Hill Elementary School

    Sophia is an amazingly hardworking, kind, respectful student.  She is an example for all Indian Hill students.

  • Photo of Mr. Higgs with Claudia & Myriam Claudia & Myriam

    8th Grade, Round Lake Middle School

    Claudia & Myriam are 8th Graders and are amazing who come from a wonderful family! They advocate for their culture through dance, are hard-working students, part of web crew, National junior honor society and more. They always have a smile on their face and a kind word for everyone. They are both truly deserving of this recognition. 

  • Photo of William William C.

    7th Grade, John T Magee Middle School

    William is a 7th grader at Magee.  He is an exceptional example of kindness and leadership.  He is always holding the door open for others, saving treats for others, and volunteering to help out in the classroom and around the school.  His example is a great representation of the Cougar Code.  We are beyond lucky to have William as a student at Magee.

  • Pic of Gio Gio P.

    Round Lake High School

    Gio is a tenth grader at Round Lake High School. Gio's great attitude and outlook truly embody the sense of "Panther Family". He is an inspiration for both students and staff!  Thank you, Gio!  - Mr. Berrie