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  • Grading System Pilot

    Dear RLHS Families: 

    We are excited to announce that Round Lake High School is expanding upon a grading system pilot which began last year. This revised grading system will provide students, parents and teachers a greater depth of understanding as it relates to how prepared a student is in a particular subject and its established standards. This enhanced grading system aligns closely to the standards-based grading and mastery learning philosophies our district has in place. 

    Students will have the opportunity to earn final letter grades of A, B, C, or F. This system eliminates the letter grade of “D”. Individual standards will be monitored and reported via the Infinite Campus portal by the classroom teacher. If a student has yet to display a set level of understanding within the identified standards established for a class, he/she will be issued an “I”. The “I” stands for Insufficient Evidence, indicating that a student has not yet met the expected level of understanding. This will prompt more meaningful conversations between the teacher and student with an end goal of ensuring students receive the appropriate level of support. This ongoing analysis and support structure is intended to bring students to a higher level of understanding, academic achievement and preparedness for the next level.

    Students in the following classes will be working within this enhanced grading system this school year.

    • College Algebra
    • Mythology
    • Current Events
    • Human Sustainability
    • Biology
    • Human Geography
    • Math 1
    • English

    We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of our parents and guardians as we implement this new process. Your partnership is essential. Please check the Infinite Campus parent portal often and continue to have proactive discussions with your child regarding their academic progress. We saw great success in the first year of this system and look forward to even greater levels of success in 2019-2020!

    Please contact your child’s classroom teachers if you have specific questions related to this information. You may also contact me at or 847-270-9300.


    Mike Baird
    Associate Principal