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    Good news everyone!! We are starting the meetings for Future Medical Panthers Club for the year!!

    Our meetings will be every Wednesday from 4-5:30 pm. If you and your friends would like to join this year, please email me at cgorospe@rlas-116.org, and I can add you to our FMPC Canvas page!

    Want to take a sneak peek at what we do?

    • In 2017-2018, we made 8 large fleece blankets for Project Linus to donate to kids in local hospitals, raised over $200 for our peer Myra who was recovering from cancer and raised money to supply our rat dissection. We also designed our club T-shirt.
    • In 2018-2019, we raised money to go to the Museum of Science and Industry and participate in a Heart Disease Simulation and we visited Rosalind Franklin Medical University.
    • In 2019-2020, we head guest speakers talk about pharmacy school, podiatry school, and dental hygienist school. We had a panel of nurses talk about their different pathways to becoming the nurse they are today. We did a hands-on ELISA lab to understand the science behind the Coronavirus and we went on a field trip to Northwestern University where we got to explore the campus and visit multiple research labs. 

    This school year, my goal is to get students exposed to different healthcare and STEM professions through guest speakers, TedTalks, and research we do together as a club. Since we can't do hands-on dissections, there's apps we can use to "dissect" certain portions of the human body and delve deeper into specific case studies. I also want to solidify an executive board this year to give students an opportunity for leadership positions and create a new t-shirt design to show our FMPC pride. A unique opportunity we are doing this year is getting the middle school students involved in the club, too! I've already started spreading the news there as well, so hopefully we can get a good group of students this year. 

    I can't wait to "virtually" see everyone again soon!


    Chrysanthemum Gorospe

    Biology & Physics Teacher

    Future Medical Panthers Club

    Round Lake Senior High School

    (224) 842-2020 ext. 3862



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