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Instructional coaching is the single best way to improve your teaching. Working one-on-one with a trained coach, you’ll set a personalized goal and track your progress throughout the year. RLAS teachers have described coaching as the “best decision” they’ve made with their teaching career, and they love the changes they see in student engagement, learning, and behavior. 

Our coaches use Jim Knight’s impact cycle, a research-based structure built around choice and collaboration. Our coaches are highly trained, flexible, and eager to work with teachers from all subjects and all levels. As one RLAS staff member said, “You will not regret the decision to become a better version of yourself.”

Want more options?

If formal instructional coaching sounds like too much right now, try casual coaching. Basically, this means you will take advantage of the many services our specialists offer without overcommitting yourself.

How do we support our instructional coaches?