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Collective Bargaining Agreement

RLAS-116 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2021-2025

Title IX

Title IX- In-Service Training Materials
Title IX- Policy 2:265 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure
Title IX- Policy 5:20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited
Title IX- Sexual Harassment Response Procedure
Title IX- Sexual Harassment Glossary of Terms
Title IX- Sexual Harassment Complaint Grievance Process
Title IX- Employee Training on Sexual Harassment

Other Resources

RLAS-116 Staff Resources

This page, which can also be found in the top right corner of the district's home page, has links to many useful tools and resources for staff. Examples include: the Staff Portal, Skyward, email, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, professional development catalogs, and more.

Illinois State Board of Education

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has resources on: applying for licensure, renewing licensure, accredited colleges/programs, and more.

Illinois State Board of Education- Licensure

If you want to get a new license (including paraprofessional and substitute licenses) or add an endorsement or approval, you should start at ISBE's page on Licensure.  They have information on everything from what specific coursework you need to complete, to how to apply for different types of licensure, to checklists.

Illinois State Board of Education- Renewal & Reinstatement

This page is a good starting place for renewing your license, whether your license is for teaching, substituting, or paraprofessional work.  It provides resources on professional development, how to use ELIS, and many other useful areas.

Lake County Regional Office of Education

The Regional Office of Education (ROE) is one of the primary points of contact for educator licensure. They can answer your licensure questions (you will usually get a response much faster than if you contact ISBE directly). The ROE can also accept transcripts and other documents you need for your license, and they tend to process the documents faster than ISBE.

The ROE is also where substitute teachers will go to have their fingerprint background checks completed.

Lake County ROE- Educator Licensure

The Lake County Regional Office of Education's page on Educator Licensure has contact information for their Licensure Officers, links to necessary information/systems (such as ELIS), and step-by-step guides to license renewal.