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Compensation Reports

Public Act 97-0609: IMRF Compensation Report

Illinois Public Act 97-0609: (5 ILCS 120/7.3) Section 7.3 is an amendment to the Open Meetings Act that requires employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to post the total compensation package for each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per year.

2023-2024 IMRF Compensation Report
Employer Cost & Participation Information

Public Act 97-0256: Administrator and Teacher Salary & Benefits

Illinois Public Act 97-0256: Sections 10-20.47 and 34-18.38 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/10-20.47 and 5/34-18.38] requires school districts to report administrator and teacher salary and benefits to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE):

  • Each school board shall report to the State Board of Education, on or before October 1 of each year, the base salary and benefits of the district superintendent [or the general superintendent of schools or chief executive officer] and all administrators and teachers employed by the school district. For the purposes of this Section, “benefits” includes without limitation vacation days, sick days, bonuses, annuities, and retirement enhancements.
  • Prior to this annual reporting to the State Board of Education, the information must be presented at a regular school board meeting, subject to applicable notice requirements, and then posted on the Internet website of the school district, if any.

2022-2023 Administrator & Teacher Salary & Benefits