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Secondary Special Education

Middle Schools & High School

Educational Life Skills (ELS)

Students with significant impairment in their cognitive, adaptive behavior, communication, and/or academic functioning.

  • A functional academic curriculum is the foundation for the program, with a focus, on life skills to facilitate independence.
  • Opportunities for social and academic integration with age-appropriate peers in the general education setting.
  • Community-based learning experiences which foster the application of life skills within the context of the community.
  • Coffee Cart and Work Crew Placements with our Round Lake Community partners or businesses.

Learning Appropriate Behaviors (LAB)

Students whose behavior needs are so significant that they require their general education academic curriculum be provided in a more restrictive educational setting. The classroom utilizes point sheets and behavior level systems. 

Instructional Programs

Middle School Instructional  Program is a cross-categorical, multi-age instructional program for students whose educational needs require a smaller class size, individualized support, and alternative or modified curriculum for learning through the school day. Students attend PE and exploratory classes with their general education peers.

The High School Instructional Program is the same cross-categorical program as the Middle School with an increased focus on vocational training, including participation in our Panther Work Crew placements with our Round Lake community business partners. Students are required to meet all RLHS graduation requirements.


Karla Richards
Assistant Principal of Educational Services

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