In-Person Learning Plan

  • The information below contains details for the In-Person Learning Plan section in the Return to In-Person Learning Plan.  Click on a tab to learn more about that particular section's details.

      2021 - 2022 School Calendar

      • The 2021-2022 School Calendar is published below and is accessible on the D116 website.

        2021-2022 School Calendar

        Each Staff Professional Days coded as “PD” above will be used as asynchronous e-learning days for all students.

      Student School Hours

      • The 2021-2022 Student School hours is listed below and is published on the D116 website.

        Student School Hours Image

        *Start and end times are subject to change based upon finalization of this Return to In-Person Learning Plan. Final times will be communicated prior to the start of school in August.

      Physical Education

      • Physical Education will be held during the school day. Appropriate safety measures will be taken to ensure that safety guidelines and procedures are being followed.

      Parent/Teacher Meetings

      • All parent/teacher meetings, including conferences, IEP meetings, or other similar meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. Any parent requesting an exception to this plan should coordinate with their building principal.

      School Supplies

      • Students in grades PK-5 will be issued school supplies, purchased by the school district. Students will use their own set of designated supplies.

        • Students will need to bring their own set of earbuds to school daily. Please refer to the Use of Technology tab to see the recommended earbuds/headphones.

      Use of Technology

      • iPads

        All students have been issued an iPad to be used for classroom work. The iPad will continue to be used once we move into In-Person Learning in August 2021. Students should plan to bring their fully-charged district-issued iPad to school every day. 

        Students should clean their iPad with a disinfectant wipe each evening at home. Students should turn the device off and squeeze out any excess liquid from the disinfectant wipe before cleaning the device. Student devices will not be cleaned by District staff. Additionally, students are encouraged to wash their hands before and after using their iPad.


        All students will be required to purchase and use earbuds with their iPads. There are a number of earbud options in the marketplace and not all of them perform well. Therefore, the Technology department has tested a number of options and is recommending Apple - EarPods™ with 3.5mm Plug - White (Model:MNHF2AM/A) MSRP $19, for all age students.  

        Should elementary parents prefer “over-the-ear” headphones instead, the technology department is recommending MPOW CH6S Kids Headphones with Microphone (Amazon: ASINB07PD9V78L ASIN B07PD9V78L)  Both models  performed very well during our tests and are reasonably priced and readily available.

      Extracurriculars (Athletics, Fine Arts, Clubs & Activities)

      • All IHSA sports will align with what is allowable within the Restore Illinois guidelines as outlined within the All Sports Policy. 

        Band and choir will be held utilizing recommended safety precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff. Whenever possible, these classes may be held outdoors.

        Clubs and activities will be held in person unless otherwise recommended by the State of Illinois and applicable health agencies.

      Remote Instruction Guidelines

      • At this point in time, the Illinois State Board of Education will permit school districts to make remote instruction available to students who are not eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine (ages 11 and under) AND are under a quarantine order. Students must meet BOTH criteria.