RLAS-116 Position Vacancies

  • Please apply online at: http://www.applitrack.com/rlas/onlineapp
    You may view our current postings by clicking the link above. If there are no open positions you may still submit an application indicating your areas of interest.

    IMPORTANT:  As part of our selection process, District #116 requests that all applications MUST be 100% complete, including salary history, prior to a candidate being considered for advancement in the interview process.  Please take a few extra minutes to assure that all of the information is accurate and that all of the fields are filled in accordingly.  Our promise to you is that we will provide you with an equal employment opportunity for a rewarding career to work alongside some of the best educators, administrators, and support staff in the industry.  At District #116 we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of every child, every day.       


    Certified Positions

    Each of these positions requires certification issued by the State of Illinois. Teaching and administrative positions fall under this category.

    Non-Certified Positions

    These positions do not require certification from the State of Illinois. Included in this category are positions such as instructional assistants, custodians, and secretaries.

    Student Positions

    These positions are open to students primarily during the summer. However, we do offer part-time positions during the school year. In addition, we provide information on jobs within the area from various employers.

    Equal Employment Opportunity

    The color, race, sex, nationality, religious affiliation, age, or handicap of any applicant seeking employment in School District 116 shall not be considered
    either a qualification or disqualification for any such employment.