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RLHS Winter Spectacular - Dec 5-6

BPAC/PAC to Host Parent University: Parental Involvement on Friday, December 11

Brrrrr... Cold Weather!



Recess is an important part of your child’s total school experience. Unlike most adults, children generally have a great amount of physical energy to release.  When deprived of this opportunity, a child is less able to pay attention in the classroom.

Based on current weather information, including wind chill factor, school personnel will determine whether or not to hold outdoor recess during cold weather. Weather conditions including, temperature below 6 degrees F, wind chill factor (zero degrees or lower), rain, snow, ice, etc. will be taken into account.  Shortened recess periods may be provided in order for youngsters to get some fresh air.  Students will participate in outdoor recess when the temperature is 6 degrees or higher (with wind chill).

Proper clothing for the time of year is important.  Hats, scarves, mittens, and boots are vital to the children.  Also, boots serve a dual purpose of keeping feet warm as well as dry. Children should not arrive at school before starting time; this is especially critical during cold weather.

RLAS-116 Education Foundation Funds Black Box Theater Program
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